Rochford Masonic Hall

The Old Court House, 24 South Street, Rochford, Essex
Bought by a consortium of Freemasons on 1st April 1980, Rochford Masonic Hall now boasts the best Masonic Temple in Essex, soon to be air-conditioned and able to seat 80 Freemasons in comfort, the high ceilings and beautiful architecture are accentuated and complemented by Masonic furniture including a Master’s Chair in the style of Thomas Chippendale which was presented to the Lodge of True Friendship. It is believed to date from 1750. Also two globes depicting the celestial and terrestrial worlds which were made in 1785 are on display The dining room, also air conditoned can seat 80 in comfort and with our caterers provides the Brethren with an excellent Festive Board following the meetings.
The air conditioned bar is a comfortable and well equipped area, supplying draught beer, cider and lager.